Concurrent Panel Sessions

Friday, October 18 / Session 1 / 2:30 – 4:00 pm

Kroon 319 Food Dignity: A Workshop on Making Research Serve Food Justice


Christine Porter, Jim Sutter, E. Jemila Sequeira, Daryl Marshall, Hank Herrera, Gayle M. Woodsum

Sage 24 Real Food, Real Jobs 


Jennifer Gaddis

Sage 32 Institutional Purchasing: Procuring more Regional, Value-Based, and Affordable Food 


Leila Virji

Bowers Auditorium Food Policy Councils: A Path to a More Democratic and Sustainable Food System


Tagan Engel, Mark Winne, Will Thomas, Julia Freedgood

Sage 41c Where are the Systems in Food Systems?


Hugh Joseph

Saturday, October 19 / Session 2 / 8:30 – 10:30 am

Kroon 319 Where’s the Beef in the Sustainable Food System? 

Raising Beef for Human Health and the Global Environment, Ridgeway Shinn


Grass-fed All Year Long: A Sustainable Approach to Raising Grass-Fed Natural Beef in Southern New England, Michael Keilty with Jean King


Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Meat in Connecticut, Samantha Garwin


Cost-benefit Analysis as a Tool to Promote Feedlot Reform for Ammonia Emissions: Respiratory Disease vs Cheap Hamburgers, Cara Mae Cirignano

Sage 24 Food Certification and Labeling 


Informally Regulating Food Systems: The Case of the Marine Stewardship Council, Jennifer Jacquet


Sweet as Honey: The Beekeeper’s Fight Against Corn Sugar, For Purity, 1926-1930, Teagan Lehrman


Challenges in the Specialty Coffee Model: Case Studies from Costa Rica, Kate Fischer


Identifying the “Naturalness” of Food: A Challenge for our Modern Food System, Nicole Negowetti

Sage 32 Managing Food Systems for Multiple Outcomes 

Fishing For Solutions: Preserving Fish Biodiversity and Food Security in the Mekong River Basin, Prashanth Parameswaran


Managing Diversified Food Systems for Crop Quality, Cultural Identity and Climate Change Resilience in the Highlands of Southwestern China, Selena Ahmed


Water for Agriculture: Beyond the Conventional Space of Governance, Sisira Saddhamangala Withanachchi

Rethinking Multifunctionality: Local Food System, Conservation, and Community Economy; A Case study of Burlington Vermont’s Intervale Landscape, Todd Comen

Anna Herforth, Independent Consultant, World Bank, UN FAO

Bowers Auditorium Evaluating Supply Chains 
Revisioning the Food System:  A New Way to See and Create the Future of Food, Michael Conard and Judith LaBelle


Estimating the Contribution of Subsidized Food Commodities to the Energy Intake of US Adults, Karen Siegel


Towards a Critical Industrial Ecology of Food Systems Planning and Policy, Claire Gupta and Jia Ching Chen

Sage 41c Educating Producers and Consumers for Food System Change 
Growing the Next Generation of Farmers, Eva Agudelo and Margiana Petersen-Rockney

Food Waste: The Value of Knowledge-Based Campaigns in Environmental Protection, Victoria Montanez

Reducing Antibiotics in Dairy: the Role of Attitudes and Labor Management, Rebecca Schewe

Kroon 321 Local Supply Chains 
Building Food Platforms for Local Sustainability: An Assessment of Mexican Experience, Jack Corbett


Economic Viability of Local Food System Linkages to the Food Service Industry, Amit Sharma


Mainstream Retail Grocers and Food Service Distributors as Active Participants in (Re)-Building Local Food Supply Chains, Rebecca Dunning

Disrupting the Seafood Supply Chain, Sophie Waskow

Local Food Co-operatives in Ontario: Sustainable Supply Chains and Capacity for Alternative Food Networks, Simon Berge

G01 Urbanization & Food System Change 
A Food Systems Perspective on Urbanization and the Coexistence of Obesity and Undernutrition in China, Lua Wilkenson


Food Security and Food Waste in Urban Africa: Policy Innovations and Sustainability in Integrated Food Supply, Chijioke Evoh

Repairing and Deepening Rural-Urban Disruptions: The Case of Peri-Urban Ecological Agriculture in Mexico City (DF), Tania Hernandez Cervantes

The Emergence of Alternative Food Networks in Monterrey, Mexico, Craig Harris

Burke Auditorium Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Politics 


Food Sovereignty as a Transnational Legal Concept, Michael Fakhri and Nate Bellinger


Seeds that Free the Bounty: Agricultural Biodiversity as Policy and Potential, T. Garrett Graddy

Cooptation or Transformation? The Use of Food Security and Food Sovereignty frameworks in Peru, Alexandra Toledo

Governing Cultures: The Case of the Cloudberry on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, Natalie Doonan

Saturday, October 19 / Session 3 / 1:15 – 2:45 pm

Kroon 319 Governance, Social Action, and GMOs 
Farmers’ Rights Over Seeds and the State: A Comparison of Six Countries, Devparna Roy


Protecting Liberty by Labeling GMO Foods: A Reply to Jonathan Adler, Bruce Pardy


Impacts of Consumer Preferences and Trade on Soybean Production and Land Use in South America, Rachel Garrett

How Do We Get to an Ecological Food System?, Bill Duesing

Sage 24 Permaculture and Academia 


Connor Stedman, Abrah Dresdale, Keith Zaltzberg, and Rafter Ferguson

Sage 32 Structures of Food Injustice 
Economic Justice as Principle, Process, and Peripheral: A Critical Appraisal of Food Movement Labor Practices, Joshua Sbicca


Labor and Leadership: Women in US Community Food Organizing, Christine M. Porter


The Unbearable Whiteness of Milk: Food Oppression and the USDA, Andrea Freeman

Urban Food Systems in an Era of Neoliberalization: Food Justice as Part of an Anti-Racist Alternative Planning Paradigm, Justine Lindemann

Bowers Auditorium University Food System Education And Community Partnerships 
Growing Community-University Partnerships through Food System Projects, Yona Sippos and Eve Bratman


Opportunities and Challenges of Engaged Food Systems Research: Comparing a Community-University and Business-University Partnership, Justine Williams


Overview of the History, Features and Work of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, Veronik Campbell

Food Resilience in North America: Perspectives from Environmental Studies and Sciences, Nurcan Atalan Helicke, Gerry Marten, Kip Curtis

Sage 41c Sustainable Diets 
Understanding Sustainable Diets: A descriptive Analysis of the Determinants and Processes that Influence Diets and their Impact on Health, Food Security and Environmental Sustainability, Jessica Johnston


Producing Markets, Producing People: Local Food Actors Assemble Healthy Foods in Samoa, Jessica Hardin and Christina Kwauk


The World Trade Organization Accession of a Pacific Island: Policy Processes and Food System Consequences in Samoa, Christina Kwauk, Nicholas Petersdorf, Shawn Arita, and Jessica Hardin

Kroon 321 Urban Agriculture 
Fish for the City: Urban Metabolism of a Periurban Lake in the Philippines, Kristian Saguin


Mending the Metabolic Rift Through Food: The Role of Urban Agriculture in Re-valuing Food Production and Preparation Among American Immigrants , Amy Coplen


Gentrification, Race and Urban Agriculture: Planning a Local Food System in a Rapidly Growing City, Heather Frambach & Kate Vickery

Food Production and Wastewater Treatment Project for / Palma Soriano, Cuba: Based Upon an Assessment of Cultural and Ecological Conditions, Daniela Pena Corvillon

G01 Linking underserved consumers, healthful foods, and direct marketing outlets 
Scaling federal nutrition benefit incentive programs to support regional food systems and their farmers and communities, Julia Pon, Lydia Oberholtzer, and Nicole Berube
Burke Auditorium Federal Food Policy 
The Politics of Sustainable Food Systems: Opportunities and Challenges for Advancing Sustainable Food System Policy at the Federal Level, Arianne Lotti


Why the Food Safety Modernization Act Isn’t Enough: The Need for a New Paradigm, Diana Winters


The Farm to Fork Transformation of Agricultural and Food Law to Food Systems Law, Stephanie Tai

Toward a Food Secure Future: Bridging the Gap Between Sustainable Agriculture and Hunger Elimination, Margot Pollans

Linking the Cost of Health Insurance and Child Care to Future U.S. Food Production, Shoshana Inwood

Saturday, October 19 / Session 4 / 3:00 – 4:30 pm

Kroon 319 Future of Food Systems Studies 
Nicholas Jordan, Valentine Cadieux, Mark Bomford, and Ryan Galt
Sage 24 Expanding the Horizons of Food


Justice Beulah Land Farms: A Geography of Hope and a Racial Utopia?, Priscilla McCutcheon


Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City, Kristin Reynolds


Decolonizing Food Justice, Hank Herrera


Why Can’t I Get That off a Shelf in my Neighborhood?”: Food Voice in a Low-Income Community in NYC, Christine Caruso

Sage 32 Forecasting and the Food System 


Smallholder farmer welfare in a time of changing climate: the role of cropping decisions in local food security in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand, India, Marena Lin


Adaptation of US Maize to future warming, Ethan Butler

Exploring Global Crop Yield Impacts of Changing Climate and Agricultural Management, Nathan Mueller

Food Systems and Climate Change in the U.S.: Meeting Global Challenges, Fostering Local Community Resilience, Anne Hoogenboom, Jacob Park, and Chris Koliba

Bowers Auditorium Future of Food Law and Policy 


Emily Broad Leib, Margaret McCabe, Laurie Ristino, Michael Roberts , Susan Schneider, Baylen Linnekin

Sage 41c Food Safety


Food Security Policies and Responses after Nuclear Emergencies, Alexander Belyakov

Kroon 321 Urban Food Systems
Applying the Principles of the Commons to the Bloomington Community Orchard, Megan Betz


Urban Food Forestry: A Multifunctional Approach to Increase Food Security and Provide Ecosystem Services, Kyle Clark


Cultivating the Industrial City: Environmental Sustainability, and A Right to the (Garden) City of Tomorrow, Lindsey Dillon


Capturing the “Grow-It-Yourself” Mentality: A Qualitative Study Exploring Prosumption Practices at Urban Farms in New York City, Karin Dobernig

Decentralization and the Design of Food Systems Infrastructure, Sarah Kantrowitz

G01 Innovation in Production Styles

The Value of Hybrid Agricultural Landscapes for Agro-Biodiversity Conservation and Carbon Sequestration: Lessons from Peri-Urban and Silvo-Pastoral Systems, Amy Lerner


Native Pollinators and Food Security: Local and Landscape Diversity Effects on Crop Pollination, Amber Sciligo


Organic Hydroponics: Preliminary Trials Connecting Aquatic Composting and Hydroponic Production, Maura Bozeman, Rewon Child, and Ray Xiong

Recovering the Future: Food System Transition Pathways on (and Around) U.S. Permaculture Farms, Rafter Ferguson

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