Notes from the Field of Food Law and Policy

Notes from the Field of Food Law and Policy

Time: Friday, 2:10 PM to 3:35 PM


Moderator: Brian Fink, Farm and Food Legal Fellow, Yale Law School


Carrie Scrufari, Assistant Professor, Vermont Law School and Lead Counsel, Utility Intervention Unit, New York.

Josh Galperin, Research Scholar and Lecturer, Yale Law School; Director, Environmental Protection Clinic

Laurie Beyranevand, Professor of Law, Vermont Law School; Senior Faculty Fellow, Food Law and Policy


Key Words: Food law and policy, FDA, regulations

In this panel, Brian Fink will guide discussion . Carrie Scrufari will speak about FDA’s new regulatory approach regarding homeopathic products. Josh Galperin will discuss how Common law litigation can be the policy instrument to actualize values in the food movement. Laurie Beyranevand will speak about her work on the Blueprint for a National Food Strategy, which provides a roadmap for the process to develop a national food strategy in the US. Susannah Faulkner will compare and contrast national food policies and discuss how they can be applied to the US.