Symposium Agenda


Friday, February 23rd, 2018

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
– Breakfast catered by Blue State Coffee
9:00 AM Session I Panels
Movement Building and Social Change

Revitalizing the Northeast Grainshed: Cultivating the Value Chain and Stakeholder Engagement

Food Safety and Consumer-Driven Change

The Farm Bill as a Tool for Systems Change

10:35 AM Session II Panels
Food Justice and the University: Research, Service, and Academics

Sustainable Agriculture

Resilience in Urban Food Systems: Lessons Learned

Making Milk: The Past, Present and Future of Our Primary Food

12:00 PM Keynote Address by Corby Kummer
12:45 PM Lunch
– Catered by Edge of the Woods
2:15 PM Session III Panels
School Food: Procurement, Labor, and Education

Sustainable Seafood

Food Recovery

Notes from the Field of Food Law and Policy

3:35 PM Coffee and Pie Break
– Pie catered by Mmm Pies and Gourmet Desserts
4:00 PM Session Panels IV
Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Food Across Borders: Exploring the Complexities of Sovereignty, Memory and Belonging

Urban Food Access: Novel Approaches for Fostering Equity, Health, and Agency

Free-Range or Free-Reign? Channeling Consumer Demand for More Humanely Raised Products to Verifiably Better Producers

5:30 PM Keynote Address by Saru Jayaraman
6:30 PM Dinner & Reception
– Dinner catered by 9th Square Market Too Caribbean Style

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

9:00 AM Breakfast
– Catered by Koffee?
9:45 AM Workshop Session I
Food Security Requires Land Security

Mothers: Sourdough as a Feminist Method in Critiques of Copyright Law

Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: The When, Why and How of Collaboration for Smallholder Resilience

11:15 AM Workshop Session II
Reimagining Farmland & Food Access: Lessons from Cuban Usufruct Policies

Row-by-Row: Growing a Resilient, Local Food System by Building a Sustainable and Scaleable College Farm

“Forgotten Farms” Film Screening

Colatura di Alici: Ancient Fish Sauce from Local Identity to Protected Luxury Commodity

12:45 PM Closing Remarks